Man bashes his Uber driver’s car with hammer he bought during the trip

Shocking footage shows the moment a man exits his Uber driver’s car before turning around and smashing in his windows with a hammer that he bought during the trip.

In footage posted to social media, the barefoot passenger is seen in Lawla Street at Blackburn North in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs beating the car with the hammer shortly after 7:30am on Thursday.

It’s believed the man was unhappy with the cost of the ride.

It’s understood the man retrieved the hammer from the Uber driver’s license producer online boot before he started hitting and smashing glass windows as he made his way around the car. 

The man appeared to be under the influence of a substance at the time of the incident.

The assailant allegedly bought the hammer during the trip, with the driver telling police he had stopped at a hardware store so the passenger could buy the tool.

Another man, believed to be the rideshare driver, can be seen filming the incident.

Apparently unhappy with the cost of his trip, the man went to the boot and retrieved the hammer he had bought during the ride to smash up the driver’s car

The hammer-wielding passenger is seen at Blackburn North on Thursday evening

Victoria police said the passenger had been riding from Carlton in inner-Melbourne headed for Surrey Hills, 11 kilometres east of Melbourne’s CBD.

Despite the property damage the Uber driver was uninjured. 

Uber’s guidelines mean the rider will likely have to foot the bill when the repairs are made to the car, in what could become a very costly conclusion to the payment dispute.

Police say the man is wanted for further enquiries into the incident. The man, of large build and believed to be from Queensland, left the scene before the police arrived and is yet to be found.





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Police have called for anyone with further information to contact Crimestoppers. 

In comments on the video, people were horrified by the man’s behaviour.

‘WTF is wrong with people-  this guy needs to be locked up – this isn’t in a fit of rage, this is calm and collected show of violence,’ wrote one person.

‘OMG! what the hell did I just watch?! How is this behaviour becoming more and more common!’ said another.


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