Freedom activists terrified of new ‘voluntary’ digital wallet

A plan to introduce an opt-in digital ‘wallet’ for personal data held by government agencies has caused an immediate backlash among online ‘freedom’ activists.

The federal and NSW governments announced they are cooperating to allow for digital identification to be used in online applications by the end of the year.

The deal will allow for credentials and licenses to be stored within a digital wallet, described by NSW Minister for Digital and Customer Service Victor Dominello as the ‘holy grail’ of identification.

Mr Dominello promised that any personal data from the wallet can not be shared and would be protected by international standards of digital security. 

While Mr Dominello was thrilled by the new technology, freedom activists online, such as the TikTok channel LaughLikeLina, have expressed outrage and fear about the proposal’s ‘voluntary’ nature.

The opt-in status of the digital ID system drew parallels with voluntary Covid vaccines for Lina.

‘Please tell we all know what ‘voluntary’ means these days,’ she said in a video posted to TikTok.

‘It means voluntary for a little bit until we decide to make it compulsory.’

The TikToker then cited the voluntary Covid vaccination program that negatively impacted those who decided against the jab.

‘If you don’t [get vaccinated] you’ll lose your job and we’ll outcast you from society,’ Lina said.

‘This is not voluntary, alright, the only way this works is if people comply. 

‘Don’t comply.

‘If enough people ‘voluntarily’ go into this and accept it, it will then become mandated and compulsory.

‘And then all of a sudden, you’re in a digital system, man.’ 

She then states that those who use the digital identification system are ‘turning their back on the internet’.

Bizarrely, Lina then took aim at the introduction of smart energy boxes, saying they’re ‘for control man… they’re not for greenhouses’.

Freedom activist, Lina (pictured), fears that a voluntary roll-out of digital identification at a federal and state level will lead to mandated ‘control’, citing Covid vaccination policies 

The outgoing NSW MP, Mr Dominello, told Daily Mail Australia ‘I’m leaving politics, why would I create something that exploits myself?’.

‘This will be opt in like digital driver’s license producer online licenses, that there will be legislation in place before a rollout that will put the checks and balances in place and oversight in place,’ he continued.

‘But ultimately, it will be meant for people to decide if they want more control over the personal information or not, when you are required. 

‘Your drivers license has a ridiculous amount of personal information on it, your full name, your date of birth, license number.

‘This new digital identification will just show the personal information you need to show… if you’re trying to buy alcohol it will only confirm that you’re over 18-years-old.’

The proposed introduction of the new identification method followed last year’s hacking scandals which saw millions of Aussies lose their personal data in breaches.

‘This is a really big step forward for digital infrastructure in this country,’ Mr Dominello said.

In a foreword to the announcement about the roll-out, Mr Dominello assured that the application will destroy any ‘selfies’ taken in order to match a face with identification in the wallet.

He also stated that the wallet can only be opened by authorities in instances of a ‘very serious crime’.

The NSW Government already offer a digital drivers’ licences and credentials – such as a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate – through the ServicesNSW app.

NSW Minister for Digital and Customer Service Victor Dominello promised that any personal data from the wallet can not be shared and would be protected by international standards of digital security (pictured, NSW Government announcement)

Federal Minister for Government Services, Bill Shorten, backed the introduction at a federal level for Medicare cards and licences to be held in a similar digital wallet.

He also hoped that the system would be introduced by other states.

‘I’m optimistic that if we can demonstrate by leadership between NSW and the Commonwealth, people who live in other states are going to say, ‘Where’s our digital driver’s licence and why can’t we put it on our app?’ Mr Shorten said.

According to Mr Shorten, the framework to add digital identification to the MyGov app could be completed within the current budget period, with drivers’ licences potentially added to the app later this year.

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