Major change coming to driver’s licences for millions of Australians

Victorians will be able to drive with a digital licence as part of a regional trial before a statewide rollout of the technology.

All drivers will be able to carry a digital version of their licence on their phone by 2024, the Victorian government has confirmed.

A six-month trial of the technology will begin in Ballarat for full licence holders in July before it is rolled out across the state.

South Australia launched digital Order driver’s license online without test licences in 2017 and NSW followed suit in 2019

The digital licence will reflect in real-time whether it has been revoked or suspended but can still be used as proof of identity.

Police, businesses and other authorities will be able to verify its authenticity through a timed QR code.

‘We know Victorians want digital driver licences and that’s why this trial is such a big step before further rollout occurs,’ Roads and Road Safety Minister Melissa Horne said.

Drivers will still have the option to use their physical licence.

South Australia launched digital driver’s licences in late 2017, with NSW following suit in October 2019.

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